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Pistol Permit FAQ's

What is the cost of a pistol permit?
 A pistol permit can be purchased from 1 up to 5 years, it costs $20.00 per year.  ex.5yr=$100.00

Do you have to get the pistol permit in the county you reside?

Do we offer non-resident pistol permits?

What is the minimum age to obtain a pistol permit?
 18, The State of Alabama recognizes your permit, however in Florida and other surrounding states it is unlawful to carry concealed until 21 even with a valid Alabama Permit

If I move to another address, can I come back in and change it on my permit?

Which states recognize a pistol permit issued from the State of Alabama? 
 Click here to view our flier or for additional information check this website

What method of payment do you accept?
 At this time we accept on Cash or Checks, WE NOW ACCEPT CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS

Can my spouse pick-up my permit for me?

What are you pistol permit hours?
 Monday – Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm
 Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm

How many years can I get my permit for?
 1 – 5 year $20.00per year

Do I have to have an Alabama Driver’s License to get a pistol permit?
 No, but you must reside in Coffee County

If I am in the military do I need to show my orders?

Do I need proof of residence?

How long is my pistol permit application good for?
Applications submitted online or in-person are valid for 30days.

How long does it take to be approved for a pistol permit?
 We usually process your permit application while you wait, however there are times when it could be delayed up to 30 days.

Will you call me when my permit is ready for pick-up?
 No, please contact us at 334-894-5535 or at pistolpermit@coffeeso.us

Reserve Deputy

At this time there are no openings for reserve deputies. If an opening becomes available it will be posted under the employment section.

How do I become a Reserve Deputy?

Answer:  The first thing you must do is fill out an application and submit it for approval.  These applications can be picked up at the front desk of the main office at the Sheriff's Department.  This position is very competitive as there are relatively few positions available.

If I submit an application, do I automatically become a Reserve Deputy?

Answer:  No.  This is an application process similar to applying to any other job.  A complete background investigation will be conducted and completed before you can go any further.  Once a list is compiled of potential candidates, an interview is then conducted during a membership meeting and the most qualified individuals are selected, provided there is an opening.

How many Reserve Deputies do we have?

Answer:  We currently have 25 positions allotted for the Reserve Unit.  We solicit applications as members resign or move.

Are there any physical requirements for being a Reserve Deputy?

Answer:  Yes, you must be able to perform the same duties as a Certified Deputy Sheriff.

Do I have to supply my own weapon?

Answer:  Yes.  We are not financially able to provide a firearm for each Reserve Deputy.  Type of weapons authorized are defined in Bylaws.

What type of basic equipment will I need to purchase? 

Answer:  You will be responsible for purchasing your own equipment such as your weapon, boots and duty gear.  The Bylaws defines in detail uniform requirement.

Ok, now I’m a Reserve and have my weapon and my badge. When can I go out and arrest someone? 

Answer:  Never!  Reserve Deputies out on their own have no more arrest power than a normal citizen unless they are Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission certified.  Uncertified Reserve Deputies work under the command of a certified deputy sheriff.

How much do I get paid being a Reserve Deputy? 

Answer:  This is a volunteer position and therefore it is a non-paid position.

Do Reserve Deputies have meetings?

Answer:  Yes.  Monthly meetings gives us an opportunity to meet with everyone as a group and to make everyone aware of any upcoming events, such as training dates or details that must be covered.  The Coffee County Reserves meet the last Tuesday of each month, except for the month of December.

Are reserves required to qualify with their weapons?

Answer:  Yes.  Each reserve must qualify with his or her weapon at least one time per year.  Reserves use the same A.P.O.S.T course of fire that all deputies’ use with a minimum score of 70% required to pass.

What about other weapons, such as OC/CS (pepper) Spray, or TASER? 

Answer:  Anyone carrying these weapons must receive training and be qualified with each weapon before carrying them.  Each weapon has its own set of requirements.  Reserves are not required to carry OC/CS spray or TASER if they do not wish to go through the training.

How often does a Reserve Deputy have to work?

Answer:  A reserve deputy must work no less than 16 hours a quarter.

If you have not found the answer to your question regarding the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Program, please contact CPT Scott Byrd at (334) 894-5535 or ccsor@coffeeso.us

CRIME TIP HOTLINE 334-894-5535
PHONE 334-894-5535 (24 HOURS)