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     Today, more than ever, law enforcement agencies need religious guidance, counseling, and assistance to deputies, other personnel, their families, and their communities. No one is confronted with more situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens than is the law enforcement officer. These burdens also affect the officer’s family.

      Each day, the Sheriff’s Deputy is faced with potentially dangerous situations as he/she comes into contact with the baser elements of society. He/she must make split second decisions that are just and right. Many times, the deputy has a need to express his/her frustrations and problems to one who understands the circumstances surrounding his/her duties and obligations. The deputy needs at times to discuss his/her problems with someone who understands what he/she is up against, yet is detached enough not to become emotionally involved.

      The deputy’s own clergyperson or religious advisor, although trained in the ministry, is not necessarily abreast of the particular problems faced by law enforcement. In such cases, a Sheriff’s Chaplain can listen with empathy, advise calmly, and offer appropriate assistance. He is also available to aid other ministers and priests as they work with the deputies who may be members of the parish of the minister or priest.

      On call twenty-four hours a day, the Sheriff’s Chaplain stands ready to respond. A key word is “service” and chaplains pride themselves on the fact that they respond to needs within the Sheriff’s Office or within the community where their presence is needed and requested

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