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Drug Task Force

     The Coffee County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division is responsible for detecting, investigating and prosecuting those persons that violate the laws in regards to illegal narcotics.  This includes production, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and chronic use of illegal drugs.
     Investigators assigned to this unit are highly skilled and trained in the techniques used to fight illegal drug trafficking and abuse.  Narcotics Detectives can make undercover purchases, controlled purchases, conduct reverse operations and stings, and conduct surveillance as well as gather intelligence. The Detectives assigned to this division work closely with federal, state, and local agencies to combat drug trafficking in our county, which include the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), Alabama State Narcotics Division, Enterprise Police Narcotics Division, Elba Police Narcotics Division, Troy Police Narcotics Division and Pike County Sheriff's Dept. Narcotics Division.
     Coffee County Narcotics Investigators are assigned to the 12th Judicial Drug Task Force which are assigned to Coffee and Pike County. Our Narcotics Officer are also members of the ALEA State Drug Task Force.
The Narcotics Division also assists the Criminal Investigation Division with all major crimes that occurs within Coffee County or whose illegal activities adversely affect the citizens of our county.
     Investigations performed by the Narcotics Division require various techniques such as surveillance, under-cover operations, information gathering and analysis, and the service of search and arrest warrants. 

To investigate, arrest, dismantle and successfully prosecute all narcotics trafficking organizations involved in the manufacturing, transportation, distribution, selling and use of all illegal drugs in or being transported through Coffee County.  To seize all illegal drugs, cash and other assets associated with and supportive of the illicit drug trade; to investigate, arrest, dismantle and successfully prosecute all money laundering organizations supporting these and other illegal activities.

1.  Increase the number of arrests, drug seizures, property seizures and prosecutions.
2   Increase the street level narcotics investigations and intelligence gathering.
3.  Provide investigative intelligence to local/state/federal law enforcement agencies.
4.  Increase Narcotics Division members to be more successful in combating narcotics within Coffee County.

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